Welcome to Global LEAP Community & Movement

Global Love, Empowerment And Prosperity *LEAP* Community & Movement Come LEAP & Co-Create New Earth!

About Us

Welcome Humans, Friends, Family, and Fellow Lovers of Freedom, Integrity, Equality, and Justice!

WE... Are a movement to a New Paradigm of community living online as well as on land, and in harmony with the Earth.  We share collective values and ideas such as: global awakening; regenerative land practices; freedom for all beings; new systems of healing, education and governance; and above all LOVE.  When Power is honored...yet bows to Love, then harmony and balance can be achieved, as well as abundance for all.  

Honoring the Divine Masculine, and in service to the Divine Feminine... Together, WE RISE!

Join us in taking the LEAP!

Are you stewarding a vision for New Earth?  Experiencing an awakening of a spiritual nature and/or of global events? Do you want to be a part of an expanding community which is collectively visioning and creating a new world?...

In Global LEAP, you will have the opportunity to feel heard; respected and valued for the essential "puzzle piece" and genius you bring to the collective.  We look forward to your participation within this SAFE container, where we know you have an important role to play.  

In Gratitude...

We cannot do this without YOU!  

You, our brothers and sisters of all ages, races, genders, and nations, are the essence of this LEAP, and your perspective matters to us.  We are beyond grateful to share this experience with you, and value all that you bring to this community.  This movement would not happen without your participation and contributions.  Thank you for understanding what it takes to create and maintain a platform like this, and donating your time and resources to the greater vision for all beings.